Villa Contemporary Art


Villa is a pop-up store and a web shop, based on a concept developed by gallery owner Jonas Kleerup in collaboration with Kurppa Hosk and architects Boys Don’t Cry. Not a gallery, but an art store offering an ever-changing display of artworks showcases editions and multiples from well-established artists next to rising stars.

The first edition of VILLA was created in late 2010 and opened as a pop-up shop on one of the most exclusive streets in downtown Stockholm. The ambition was to facilitate peoples approach to contemporary art and offer prints and editions in all price ranges in a shopping environment, right next door to the fashion stores. Everything with a thorough presentation of the artist and the work, everything ready to be taken home directly or to wrapped as a gift. The project was a success and was nominated for several prizes as innovative art and shopping and also for its design. After that VILLA has continued to pop up once every year at different locations in different parts of Stockholm and participated in art fairs and collaborating with restaurants and fashion stores.

With unique works that, for prices from 100 euros and up, can go The focus is still to offer editions and multiples for all wallets from artists and designers all over the world. To encourage people to approach contemporary art and if not start collecting, at least introduce contemporary art to households and discover that is not that difficult. VILLA collaborates with similar stores around the world and also work directly with other galleries and with artists.

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