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Planning Unit, "Nautilus"

800 SEK
Planning Unit, "Nautilus"


Planning Unit "Nautilus" 
[Synthesis series, Inkjet print, A1, Open edition]

Synthesis, a process which combines together two or more pre-existing elements resulting in the formation of something new. This is the basis for these forms, made from two to three relatively simple lines, synthesized to create highly complex and intricate forms.

Planning Unit was founded by Nick Hard and Jeff Knowles in 2011, it is a leading London-based creative design studio. The studio is a reincarnation of co-founder Nick Hard’s grandfather’s design studio of the same name. Although recently established, the agency's roster of international clients already speaks for itself, including such well-known and respected brands as Salomon, Knoll, Paris Saint-Germain FC, BBC, Design Museum and D&AD.