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Slobodan Zivic & Jenny Mörtsell, "Recovered"

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Slobodan Zivic & Jenny Mörtsell, "Recovered"


Slobodan Zivic & Jenny Mörtsell "Recovered"
[Chromogenic Print, 70x100cm, Edition of 30, 2013]

Stockholm-based designer Slobodan Zivic (b.1976) has collaborated with New York-based illustrator Jenny Mörtsell (b. 1976) for a series of prints they've titled "Vibrations". The series is based upon fictional characters and their sensation as they experience with the rush of pleasure created from a club experience. 

"The brain functions as our most vital producer and transmitter of dopamine, stimulating desire and reward. Abstract colors and shapes flow through the system, with the mind and body as their ultimate escape. Vibrating laser beams, smoke machines, pumping bass and substances allow our minds to transmit into a new dimension. Let them take you there and back."