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Yoshi Sodeoka, "Mesmerandon C"

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Yoshi Sodeoka, "Mesmerandon C"


Yoshi Sodeoka "Mesmerandon C"
[Archival Pigment Print, 70x70cm, edition of 30, 2009]

After studying painting Yoshi Sodeoka embraced the new revolving digital era. It was the beginning of the 90’s when he just recently had moved from Tokyo to New York to study art at Pratt Institute. As one of the few perpretator of the media he started at the ground-breaking webzine Word Magazine and from there his artistry developed. Twenty years later he already exhibited at Whitney Museum, Tate Britain, Deitch Projects and is represented in the permanent collections Museum of the Moving Image in NYC and MoMA, San Francisco.

Inspired by the relation between media, technology and (human) culture, Yoshi Sodeoka (b. 1969) creates psychedelic video collage where sound and image is sampled and put in a new context. The constant flow of message and mass information from different sources is formed to something than its previous purpose. Sometimes the material is unrecognized and what is left is only an aesthetic congenial experience of atmosphere and moving images, covered by a checked pattern /halftone screen A vague memory of the human being trapped in the noise/flood of information. Sodeoka is fascinated by the analogue media and through his process the digital works results in a a very personal expression.

His unique style can be traced to growing up during the cold war in Japan where his father worked as an electrician and the home was filled with shortwave radios and electronic equipment. His fascination for this technique is reflected in his artwork. Sound and the impression of the analogue technique is combined with the contrast of the commercial culture in America that he was overwhelmed with when moving to NYC in the end of the 80’s.

The print series "Noise" was produced by Galleri Jonas Kleerup in 2009 for the Exhibition "Yoshi Sodeoka & Moki Cherry"